Party: Painting the Butterfly

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Good Day!  Friends, this art class was part of a birthday party!  The birthday girl selected a butterfly painting I'd painted earlier.  We had a lot of fun as they created their versions of the painting!  Of course, we had a break for birthday cake and other goodies! 

As you can see these new, teen artists created unique versions of the butterfly.  The moms and grand-mom joined in on the painting fun, too.  They painted lovely versions of the butterfly painting, as well!  This painting was the grandmother's very first one, and wow, we all agreed, that she did an excellent job!

The butterfly painting I demonstrated to the class.

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3 They should have known that all these things ~ which they took to be gods and delighted in ~
were much less beautiful than the ONE who rules them all. The Creator of beauty itself created them.
Wisdom 13:3 (CEB) In Context Whole Chapter

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