Party: Painting, Miss Kitty and A Frog Prince

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Good Day!  Friends, this class was part of a birthday party for a little girl, that favors Hello Kitty themes.  So, I came up with a Hello Kitty that was part-Princess, and part-Ballerina!  The boys (& girls) had the option to paint a Frog Prince, as well.  Additionally, the option to paint something of their own idea(s) was offered for those that wanted to paint something different. 

As you can see, this class included painters that are pre-teens, teens and their grand-pa!  This was another wonderful art class with birthday party combined!  Three generations were at this party, and there are a lot of parents and grandparents that were there, yet not on the images below.  They had a great time as well.  I certainly appreciated their assistance in distributing more paint, as the painters needed it.  Every child was a delight to work with and so were the parents and grand-parents. 

I've totally enjoyed demonstrating the paintings during the classes, and I am looking forward to doing so on an even greater level for the multi-generational classes, as well!  After the preliminaries have taken place, I can discern the moment students of each age begin to focus on what they're doing with paint and paint brushes, due to how quiet they become.  As they paint they appear to be discovering that they have the ability to make art, and that is always a wonderful experience to witness those moments of discovery!

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Cocktails, Canvases & A Bordeaux Glass

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Good Morning, Everyone!  The students in the images, below, have such a romantic reunion story.  They reunited after many years apart since school, reconnected very recently and felt as if they had only been separated for a short amount of time.  They were absolutely delighted to participate in this class for two that he scheduled for them. 
In all the excitement of getting to the class, together, they forgot to bring snacks that evening.  Among other snacks, we had a lot of cheese puff balls left over from the 'You Don't Know Jack' pumpkin-themed painting classes, and I offered them.  As it turns out, cheese puff balls are one of her absolute favorite snacks!  In a wonderful way, those cheese puff balls added to their notions of a 'tailored-for-them, meant-to-be-evening for the two of them! 
As we painted, we had a great conversation about reunited love and romance.  I hope they're still enjoying another season of their 'Happily Ever After'!

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Colors Party

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This painting was painted during an October 2014 Canvas Over Cocktails class I taught at the Blu' Bisque.

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Cocktails, Canvases & Stilettos

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Hello, Everyone!  These hostess for this class invited a small group of her friends.  However, some had to cancel.  So, we continued with the class anyway and these two best-friends enjoyed creating their version of the painting. 

After aiding during (and teaching) several Canvas Over Cocktails classes, I realized the value in advising the students to enjoy their cocktails after the first hour of painting.  I began telling the students this so that 'wine-eyes' (as I call them) do not prevent them from creating a nice version of the featured painting.  During this class, 'wine-eyes' did impact one's painting, so I gave her instructions on how to un-do the impacted parts, at home, in a day or two.  She was pleased to know that she could do so!  We can see the great talent rising from what they painted, so far! 

The Canvas Over Cocktails themed classes seems to delight the participants so much, because they come with beloved friends and family ready to relax, enjoy each other's camaraderie and the painting process.  It's been a delight to observe this type of atmosphere during classes! 


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3 They should have known that all these things ~ which they took to be gods and delighted in ~
were much less beautiful than the ONE who rules them all. The Creator of beauty itself created them.
Wisdom 13:3 (CEB) In Context Whole Chapter

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