Kids' Art Summer, Blood Orange Slices

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Hello, Friends!  I always enjoy the classes of kids with their parents; the families seem to enjoy the painting experience even more when they paint together.  As you can see from these iPad-photographed images, these kids (and the parent that painted) are talented!  I delight in seeing how each student's version of the featured painting differs, and are uniquely great!

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Summer Art Camp: Lady in Gown

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Good Afternoon, Everyone!  Here are images from a Summer Art Camp I taught in August 2014.  I managed and taught these art classes, at the Blu' Bisque location, June 2014 through August 2014, early mornings through evenings, Mondays through Fridays!  I'm so grateful for all of the delightful students and their equally delightful parents/families that participated in this Summer Camp, because it's a tremendous responsibility to delight and teach art to others' kids while caring for their safety & well-being with excellence!

The student, pictured below, is a talented, focused artist.  She has the ability to create beautiful paintings, in a short amount of time.  I think her favorite art to create is that which uses bright colors.  My favorites of her artwork are the 'Ladies in Gowns' series.  Below, is one of three in her 'Ladies in Gowns' series!  I like her beautiful interpretation of city sky-scrapers at night, too!

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3 They should have known that all these things ~ which they took to be gods and delighted in ~
were much less beautiful than the ONE who rules them all. The Creator of beauty itself created them.
Wisdom 13:3 (CEB) In Context Whole Chapter

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