Party: Painted Bouquets in Vases

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Hello, Friends!  Today's images are of painting students and their artwork created during a birthday party event for a newly-teenage girl.  This painting of a floral bouquet in a vase was based on another artist's version, which was red, bright yellow, white and black.  My version has the pink background, with green, brown, white, blue and orange colors.  The young ladies featured, below, enjoyed creating their bouquets on canvas. 

As you can see each young lady, artist, created a uniquely styled version of the painting, yet each one is lovely, frame-worthy and gallery display-worthy!  I enjoyed working with these young ladies and their families.  Their families were delighted to observe and listen as their daughters learned to paint this painting.  What an all-around delight this class was!

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3 They should have known that all these things ~ which they took to be gods and delighted in ~
were much less beautiful than the ONE who rules them all. The Creator of beauty itself created them.
Wisdom 13:3 (CEB) In Context Whole Chapter

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