Brick Sculptor, Michael Morgan

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The Exquisite Brick Sculptures by Michael Morgan

"I am a brick sculptor, and have created many medium to large scale projects for public and private clients. See my work at My work is function/semi-functional, sometimes purely sculptural. My ideas come largely from the material itself,
and the notion that Brick is Clay/Earth, so I emphasize Clay/Earth qualities of Brick. I am a citizen of the UK and permanent resident of the USA, living in Philadelphia. I'm looking for projects nationally and internationally." - Michael Morgan

To learn more about Michael Morgan, please check out his page. A snippet of his page is presented, below.

3 They should have known that all these things ~ which they took to be gods and delighted in ~
were much less beautiful than the ONE who rules them all. The Creator of beauty itself created them.
Wisdom 13:3 (CEB) In Context Whole Chapter

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